About Solar Hot Water Store

The Solar Hot Water Store, found online at www.SolarHotWaterStore.com, is the exclusive online retailer of Plug-N-Sun solar hot water and solar space heating systems.  Our Plug-N-Sun solar hot water and heating systems are built using SunMaxx solar components.

The SunMaxx components are the best in the industry – providing more reliability, performance and value than any other solar hot water and heating system components.  Our Plug-N-Sun packages include either SunMaxx flat plate or evacuated tube solar collectors, SunMaxx solar hot water storage tanks, solar heat exchangers, controllers, pumps and more.

Our partnership with SunMaxx allows the Solar Hot Water Store to deliver, what we consider the most robust and cost-effective solar hot water and solar heating systems on the market – the Plug-N-Sun series, and prices that make solar hot water available on any budget.