Solar Hot Water Applications

There are 3 key solar hot water applications. These three applications help home and business owners save thousands of dollars a year in energy and heating costs. Just one is enough to save hundreds (even thousands) every year. However, when you combine 2, or 3, of these solar hot water applications together, your savings will increase exponentially.

Here are the big three solar hot water applications:

Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Solar Hot Water is one of the common, popular and cost-effective uses of solar hot water and solar heating.  Domestic hot water is the basic hot water that you use around your home for everyday use.  The typical uses of Domestic Solar Hot Water include:

  • Washing Dishes
  • Washing Laundry
  • Cleaning Around the House
  • Taking Showers / Baths
  • Shaving & Personal Grooming

Domestic Hot Water is also one of the largest energy bills that the average homeowner faces.  In fact, the average household uses approximately 20 gallons of hot water per resident per day.  Whether you use electricity, natural gas or propane to heat your water, the costs, year-after-year, can really add up.

This makes a Domestic Solar Hot Water System extremely cost-effective…because with only a small investment, you can easily slash 50%, or more, off your annual water heating costs.

Click here to see more information on how a Domestic Solar Hot Water Heating System can slash your energy costs.

Radiant & Space Heating

Solar Radiant & Space Heating is quickly becoming one of the most popular uses of solar heating systems.  The simple fact is that home and space heating costs are getting out of control.  Right?  How much did it cost you the last time that you filled up your oil tank?  Was it ridiculously high?  Was it $100, or more, higher than last year?

A Solar Radiant & Space Heating system can easily slash the cost of a whole tank of heating oil off your annual energy bills.  How much is that?  $900?  Less…more?  How great would it be if you could slash an entire tank of heating oil off your annual energy bills?

The Solar Hot Water Store offers a number of Combi Solar Heating Systems – these Combi kits combine a Domestic Solar Hot Water Heating System and a Solar Radiant & Space Heating System all in one easy to install and maintain package.

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Pool & Spa Heating

Solar Pool Heating has long been one of the most popular and cost-effective uses of solar hot water systems.  Solar Pool Heaters can either be small systems, designed specifically for the smallest backyard swimming pools, all the way up to large solar pool heating systems designed for commercial and municipal pools.

An additional benefit of solar pool heating is that the overflow of your domestic solar hot water, or solar radiant heating system can be used to heat your pool, spa or hot tub (essentially, the pool becomes your system’s heat dump so that no heat from the system is wasted).  This is particularly effective in more moderate climates (with hot summers and cold winters).  In order to provide enough heat in the winter time, a system must be large…however, in the summer, all of that heat is wasted because there is no need for radiant & space heating.

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