Solar Hot Water And Solar Home Heating Basics

SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Solar Hot Water Heating Technology made its first major market move in the 1970s and 80s, but the technologies available at that time were inefficient, expensive, and offered very little return and long payback periods. In the years since then, however, the technology has entered a second generation, and today’s technology is a much more affordable and viable option for most Americans.

Today’s second generation Solar Hot Water Heaters offer dramatically improved efficiency, very good cost-effectiveness, and the price is much lower, allowing for cheaper, more widely available installations, and the return on today’s Solar Hot Water Heaters, and the return on the initial investment has been significantly improved over the last 20 plus years.

There are two major types of collectors; Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and Flat Plate Solar Collectors. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks when compared to the other, and when compared to traditional water and home heating fuel sources.

SunMaxx Solar Flat Plate Collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors are typically less expensive than Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, but are much less efficient in cooler, cloudier Northern Climates. For this reason, it is recommended that customers in the Southern United States, where freezing and cloudy weather is rare, purchase Flat Plate Solar Collectors. The lower cost of these collectors makes them a much wiser investment in these areas than spending the additional money Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors where they are not needed.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are more efficient and cost-effective in northern, cool (COLD), cloudy climates. Their 360 degree collector design allows them to gather much more sunlight in low-light conditions, and earlier and later in the day when the sun is at angles that would not be utilized by a traditional Flat Plate Solar Collector. However, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are more costly than Flat Plate Solar Collectors (often 50% higher), but this initial cost is quickly recouped by their increased efficiency, and wider range of climates that they are able to work in.

Today, Solar Hot Water Heaters from SunMaxx are used for a variety of applications in locations all around the world. Our customers use their SunMaxx for:

  • Domestic Home Hot Water Heating
  • Domestic Radiant/Space Home Heating
  • Large Residential Hot Water Heating – Hotels, Apartments, Retirement Homes, Resorts, etc
  • Commercial Hot Water Needs – Office Buildings, Carwashes, Laundromats, and more
  • Municipal Hot Water Needs – Libraries, Government Buildings, Hospitals, and more

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