Federal Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

The Federal Government (USA) has launched a great solar energy rebate program to help homeowners offset the initial costs of their new Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System.  The Federal Solar Incentive is a tax credit, used as a deduction on your personal income tax.


Type: Personal Income Tax Credit
Eligible Technology: Solar Water Heating, PV (Solar Electric)
Incentive Amount: 30% of Installed System Cost
Maximum Incentive: Solar Hot Water: No Maximum

Solar Electric: No Maximum

Equipment Requirements: System Components Must Be SRCC Certified, Or Approved By A Similar State Level Authority. A Minimum Of 50% Of Home’s Hot Water Must Be Produced By The Solar System.
Expiration Date: 12/31/2016
IRS Filing Information (PDF): IRS Form 5695 & Instructions

*Please Note: your Federal Solar Tax Credit can be combined with any eligible state and local rebates, incentives and tax credits to further offset the cost of your Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water Heating System.

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