Solar Hot Water Home Heating Efficiency Basics

Whether you decide to go with a solar heating system, it is incredibly important for you to be more efficient with your home heating. The average household wastes hundreds of dollars in heating costs every year through inefficiency – and each of the wasteful problems can be easily, and affordably solved.

Home Heating Efficiency Tips:

  • Cover Your Windows: By covering your windows with clear plastic, you can reduce your heating costs by 25-50% a year.
  • Stay Ventilated: You should open cross-draft windows for a couple of minutes a few times a day instead of leaving cracked open all the time for ventilation
  • Spread the Heat: Using a slow moving fan to move heat from the radiator, or the ceiling, around the room can dramatically reduce your heating costs
  • Heat Wisely: Lowering your thermostat is a great way to cut your heating costs. For every degree you lower your thermostat, you can cut about 10% off of your heating costs
  • Insulating with Drapes: Using drapes, especially at night, will dramatically reduce your heat losses and energy costs. Leave drapes on sun facing windows open during the day to maximize passive solar heating
  • If You Have a Fireplace, Use it: You can reduce your heating fuel uses by uses your wood fireplace as more than a decoration in the evenings when the family is gathered in the den anyway.
  • Lower Your Hot Water Costs; Hot water costs typically account for 13% of the average home’s energy bills. Insulating your hot water tank, lowering your hot water thermostat and using less hot water can dramatically reduce this cost. Another option is a solar hot water heating system

Home Heating Efficiency Facts:

  • 15%: The efficiency increase of an Energy Star rated furnace vs a traditional/old furnace
  • 5%: Heating costs saved by cleaning your furnace’s air filters every month
  • $115: Energy saved each year by installing an Energy Star rated thermostat
  • 10%: Heating cost savings from using a ceiling a fan to circulate hot air from the ceiling around the room and to the floor
  • 8%: Amount of heat that escapes your chimney when the fire place damper is left open

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