Solar Hot Water Installation Guide

As long as you have some experience in plumbing, and basic DIY handyman tasks, sizing and installing your own solar hot water system is quite a simple process. That is the basis behind our Plug-N-Sun Solar Water Heating Systems…to make solar hot water installation simple, quick and affordable again!

Solar Hot Water Installation Process:

  1. Site Survey – Check your home. Ensure that you have enough room on your roof for your new solar collectors to be installed. Also, ensure that your open roof space faces toward the south, and that it is unshaded between 9am and 4pm every day of the year.
  2. Sizing Your System – It is critical to get your solar water heating system sized correctly. A system that is too large will simply be a waste of money, and so will a system that is too small to offset a significant portion of your hot water needs. A typical rule of thumb is that the average person uses 20 gallons of hot water / day. So, a typical family of 4 would need an 80 gallon system to offset the right amount of their water heating costs to generate a good ROI.
  3. Install Your System – This covers everything from mounting your solar collectors, running the plumbing from your solar collectors to your storage tank and tying your solar hot water system into your existing hot water line.
  4. Applying For Incentives – Don’t forget to file / apply for the Federal, State and Local solar hot water incentives, rebates and tax credits that your new Plug-N-Sun Solar Water Heating System is applicable for.

Every System ordered from the Solar Hot Water Store comes with live support to help with system installation, as well as a complete installation guide. If you would prefer professional installation, we can help you find a professional solar installer in your area!

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