Solar Hot Water System Features

Your Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System is built with a number of critical components, each designed to deliver the most reliable, efficient, affordable and cost-effective Solar Water Heating Systems available on the market.

Key System Components:

  • Solar Collectors
    The solar collectors are the base for your Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System.  They turn the sun’s energy into heat for your hot water.  Evacuated Tube Collectors or Flat Plate Collectors
  • Flexible Line Set
    Our  flexible, pre-insulated line set makes installing your Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System as easy, quick and low-cost as possible.  Learn More…
  • Solar Storage Tanks
    A solar storage tank is much like a regular water heater, except that it uses an internal heat exchanger to heat the water inside with your new Solar Hot Water System.  It can be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with your current hot water heater/tank.  Learn More…

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