Flexible Line Set

FlowMaxx Flexible Pre-Insulated Solar Hot Water Lineset

Our pre-insulated flexible solar line set is a revolutionary new tool to simply the installation of solar hot water and heating systems.  The line set system integrates all three lines  of a solar collector loop into a single, easy to install package. Both the solar flow (hot) loop and the solar return (cold) loop are included, and pre-insulated.  Each loop is made from flexible stainless steel tubing.  Additionally, each line set includes a pre-wired temperature sensor line.

This makes our flexible line set the easiest and fastest way to install a new solar hot water system.

What It Does…

Our pre-insulated flexible solar line set has two very specific functions.  First, it is designed to slash installation time and hassle.  Because all of your piping is in one package that uses quick-connect fittings (no soldering or welding required) you can cut hours off the time that it would take to install a solar hot water system the old way.

Additionally, because all of your piping (and insulation) is included right in the price of your solar hot water system kit, you save money by avoiding the additional costs of copper pipe and insulation on top of the system price.  You also save yourself a trip (or two) to the hardware or plumbing store!

Pre-Insulated Flexible Line Set Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-insultated stainless steel tubing – for maximum heat loss protection
  • Solar flow loop, return loop and sensor line all in one integrated system
  • Fittings that connect without soldering or special tools – to simplify and speed up installation
  • Flexible – for easy installation in almost any situation or location
  • NPT quick connect male & female fittings
  • Easily connects to all collectors used in Solar Hot Water Store solar hot water and heating systems