Solar Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks are specifically designed to work seamlessly with your entire Plug-N-Sun Solar Water Heating System. Our solar storage tanks have several key features that provide some of the biggest benefits in the industry.

StorMaxx Solar Storage Tank Features & Benefits:

  • Perfectly Sized – so that you entire system is sized to meet your hot water needs. This way you never have too little hot water…or overpay for larger components than you need!
  • Internal Heat Exchanger – the heat exchangers which transfers the heat produced by your solar collectors to your potable water is built right into your storage tank…this saves you installation time and increases system efficiency dramatically!
  • Top-Grade Insulation – is the key to minimizing heat loss and increasing the overall efficiency of your system. With maximum heat retention, you get the highest possible return on your investment!
  • Flexible Installation – your solar storage tank can be installed as a standalone water heater (by adding a backup electric heater) or it can be tied in series/parallel with your existing water heater for a dual tank, preheat system!