Solar Hot Water System Pricing

Evacuated Tube  Solar Hot Water kits

Evacuated Tube Kits
Starting At: $ 4,041.24
After Federal Tax Credit
Flat Plate Solar Hot Water kits

Flat Plate Kits
Starting At: $ 3,615.36
After Federal Tax Credit
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HelioMaxx Kit Pricing
Price Now
After Credit*
4 Person (80G) Cold Climate Kit
Includes: 80G Tank & Installation Kit
$ 5,773.20
$ 4,041.24
Solar Collector Mounting Hardware
Flush & Free-Standing Hardware
Total Upfront Investment
Total Solar Materials Cost
$ 5,773.20
$ 4,041.24
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Plus, most states (yours included) offer additional tax incentives & rebates that will cut even more off the cost of your Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System. These state solar incentives are up to 30% of your system cost, and are in addition to any federal tax credit that you recieve. For more info please see our State Solar Incentive Database.
* Federal Solar Tax Credit. Incentive amount is 30%, with no maximum on residential solar hot water systems. The incentive is claimed as a deduction on your personal Federal Income Tax Return. Contact your tax professional, or our support team for additional details.
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Save Even More! State Solar Incentives Available!
State Solar Incentives map
Most states now have solar incentives available to help offset the cost of a new Plug-N-Sun Solar Hot Water System. These incentives include cash rebates & income tax credots. State incentives can save you up to another 30% of your system cost (on top of your federal tax credit.See our State Solar Incentives Database.

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