Solar Water & Home Heating Systems

solar-hot-water-systemsThe Solar Hot Water Store is your best online source for SunMaxx Solar Collectors, Solar Hot Water Systems and Solar Heating Systems.

Our extensive product line includes SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, Flat Plate Solar Collectors, Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Kits, Solar Storage Tanks, Solar Hot Water Circulator Pumps and Differential Temperature Controllers, Solar Heat Exchangers and much, much more.

Who Is The Solar Hot Water Store For?

The Solar Hot Water Store is the best resource on the internet for home and small business owners who want to purchase a solar hot water or heating system to cut their hot water or heating bills, and want to save even more money by installing the system themselves.

The truth is, most experienced Do-It-Yourselfers can handle sizing, designing and installing a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water or Heating System. Installation costs from a professional can be as much as 20-30% of the cost of the materials for your new solar heating system.

This can add hundreds, or even more than a thousand, dollars to your total system cost. During the current economic recession, this may be cost-prohibitive.

At the solar hot water store, you are going to find all of the great SunMaxx solar products, solar heating and hot water kits and advice you will need to install your own SunMaxx system today!

We carry a complete line of pre-packaged solar water heating and solar home heating systems, which eliminate the hassle of sizing, design and component selection, and help DIY solar hot water installers get started right out of the box with an affordable and proper solar water heating system installation.

Our line of pre-packaged solar water heating systems includes:

  • HELIOKIT Solar Domestic Hot Water Kits
  • BUTLERMAXX Domestic Solar Hot Water Kits
  • SUNMAXX Thermosyphon Solar Water Heating Kits
  • SUNMAXX Solar Home Heating System Kits
  • SUNMAXX Solar Pool & Spa Heating Systems

We also have tons of resources and information to help you go from “I know nothing about solar…but I can do some plumbing at home”…all the way to “wow, I just installed my own SunMaxx solar water heating system”…including online solar installation classes and solar hot water installation workshops.

If you are ready, start here —> See Our Pre-Packaged Solar Water Heating Kits