SRCC Solar Collector And Solar System Certification

The SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) is the United States entity repsonsible for testing and certifying the performance, efficiency and durability of solar hot water collectors and solar heating systems sold within the United States.

SRCC Certification is incredibly important for several reasons:

  • Most Federal and State Solar Incentives Require SRCC Certification
  • Provides Customers with Peace of Mind
  • Provides Objective Data on Solar Collector Performance and Efficiency
  • Ensures the Integrity of the Solar Heating Industry within the United States
  • Puts the United States on Par With Europe in the Solar Industry

So, what exactly are SRCC Certifications? Get the basics below:

OG-100 Solar Collector Certification:

Individual solar collectors are tested and certified by the SRCC under their OG-100 specifications. These same specifications apply to all solar collectors, including:

  • Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • Glazed Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • Unglazed Flat Plate Solar Collectors (Pool Heaters)

All of SunMaxx evacuated tube solar collectors are SRCC certified to ensure that every customer understands the performance, efficiency and value of these solar collectors. Additionally, SunMaxx flat plate solar collectors and u-pipe solar collectors are currently being tested and certified by the SRCC.

The Solar Hot Water Store offers the following SRCC OG-100 Certified solar collectors from SunMaxx:

OG-300 Solar System Certification:

Solar hot water systems (domestic hot water systems) are certified as a complete package by the SRCC under their OG-300 guidelines. OG-300 systems are required to include a number of components, including:

  • OG-100 Certified Solar Collectors
  • Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • Differential Temperature Controllers
  • Solar Ciruclator Pumps
  • Backup Electrical Heating Element
  • Safety and Overheating Prevention Components

The Solar Hot Water Store carries the following OG-300 Certified solar water heating systems from SunMaxx:

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